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18650 Battery Wraps (2 pack)

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Battery wraps for 18650 batteries. They come in packs of two. (blue in colour)

Using a battery with a damaged wrap can be dangerous. If the wrap on your battery is damaged in any way, it could cause a short circuit. Make sure you replace it.

If you need help replacing your battery wrap, stop by the store and we are happy to do it for you!

To replace your battery wrap, carefully cut off the old one and make sure you hold on to the insulator ring (the ring around the positive end of the battery). If your insulator ring is missing, you need to replace it before continuing to use your battery.

Inspect the battery for any damage - dents or punctures mean the battery is not safe and should not be used. Dispose of it properly.

Insert your battery into the new wrap, centering it in the wrap. Place your insulator ring back against the positive side of the battery. Using a heat gun (on low) or a blow dryer, heat the wrap until it starts smoothing out and shrink wraps itself onto the battery. Carefully use your heat gun or blow dryer to smooth out the wrap.

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