FLUID Slim Pouches - Fully Customizable Nicotine Pouches (Empty) 20pk

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FLUID Slim Pouches™ offer vapers a revolutionary new way to satisfy their nicotine cravings in situations where it’s not possible or undesirable to vape. Have you ever had the desire to move your desk outside so that you could vape all day at work without having to sneak outside or into the washroom for a vape every 15 minutes? Have you ever accidentally grabbed your vape during a meeting, while dining at a restaurant, or while traveling by airplane, train, bus or Uber, wondering if there was a stealthy way to have a puff without anyone noticing?

FLUID Slim Pouches™ provide a discreet solution for these occasions and are designed to deliver E-liquid, CBD, flavourings, tinctures, and extracts with maximum efficiency and convenience. These customizable oral pouches are the perfect solution for those looking for a convenient and discreet way to enjoy their favourite E-liquid without the need to vape it. A much more affordable option than Zyn and Zonnic.

How to use FLUID Pouches™

Simply drip your E-liquid onto both sides of the highly absorbent FLUID Pouches™ and store them in the included carry container for future use. Use the fill reservoir located within the top cap of the travel container for a mess-free application of your E-liquid to your pouches. Our specially formulated carrier granulate will encapsulate the E-liquid, keeping it inside the pouch until its release is triggered when the granulate comes into contact with saliva. To use the pouch, insert it between your cheek and gums for up to 60 minutes to allow for the full delivery of all nicotine contained within the pouch. Dispose of the pouch when the flavour has disappeared.

Slim 0.3g Size: Ideal for users who prefer a smaller, discreet pouch that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Our slim 0.3 gram pouches with up to 5 drops of either regular (i.e. freebase) nicotine or nic salt E-liquid applied to each side of the pouch as desired.

Efficient Absorption and Release

FLUID Slim Pouches™ feature advanced technology that allows them to efficiently absorb liquids into the carrier granulate for later release when introduced to saliva.

*Do not eat, chew or open the pouch.

  • Each tin contains 20 Blank (empty) Flavour pouches
  • Use your preferred flavour
  • Use your preferred nicotine strength
  • Less irritation than traditional nicotine pouches
  • Moist pouches are more comfortable and flavourful than traditional dry nicotine pouches
  • Easily transition between vaping and pouches by using the same E-liquid for both
  • Can be filled with: E-liquid, Cannabis oil tinctures, Liquid herbal extracts etc..
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