Certain E-liquids Can Damage Plastic Tanks - Here's Why

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UPDATE: Most of the newer pod systems available now use better quality plastics than they use to, so this is generally not an issue with the products that are commonly available today. However, if you notice any of these issues, it's worth looking at the flavours you're using, and discontinuing use or changing your device if it's causing problems in your pod.


While plastic tanks are a great choice for durability, certain flavours of e-liquid can damage plastic tanks, or some rubber seals because of their acidity. The main flavour types in questions are mints and menthol, citrus (grapefruit, orange, lemon, lime, sour flavours etc.), liquorice, absinthe, and strong cinnamon.

Typical signs of damage caused by these flavours include plastic tanks looking white and foggy or cracking, and rubber seals swelling - you may notice your tank doesn’t want to close properly and that the seal seems to be in the way. This damage may occur after only using a couple of tanks of these e-liquids, or sometimes the damage is slower and more gradual over time.

Most newer tanks are made of glass and metal, so this isn’t a concern for most people. The plastic tanks that this happens to are usually made of poly-carbonate plastic, which is the culprit here as it simply can't hold up to the strong bases or acids in these e-juices.

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