How To: Priming Your New Atomizer

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Have you ever put a new atomizer or pod into your vape, only to find that it tastes burnt immediately? This happens when you don't prime your atomizer properly. Priming your new atomizer is vitally important. The process itself will vary slightly depending on the atomizer you have, though with all atomizers it's generally the same idea. In our experience, the best and most reliable way to prime a new atomizer is to directly soak the cotton in the atomizer with the e-liquid of your choice, from the top - essentially from the inside out. 

On a brand new device, remove the pre-inserted new atomizer from inside the base of the tank or pod (if possible - most newer pod systems in Canada have the atomizer built into the pod). If you’re replacing your old atomizer or pod, remove the old one and throw it out, and grab a new atomizer / pod. Old atomizers cannot be cleaned properly to be re-used.

From the top of the new atomizer or pod, look straight down. You should be able to see some form of metal coil - this is what heats up inside your atomizer. It will be surrounded by white material - this is the cotton wick. As the coil heats up, it vaporizes the e-liquid on the wick next to it. If you heat up the coil without soaking the cotton first, it will burn through the wick, which means the atomizer won’t work properly. On the sides of your atomizer, there are small wicking holes. This is how your e-liquid gets absorbed into your atomizer from the tank. They should look dry and white on a new atomizer.

To prime your new atomizer, hold it at a 45 degree angle. Grab your e-liquid of choice, and add some to the top of your coil. You want to add just a few drops at a time, let it soak into the wick, then repeat this process. It’s important to rotate the atomizer around in your fingers as you go, which helps the e-liquid soak evenly into the wick, and not just run straight out the bottom.

Keep an eye on the wicking holes on the side of the new atomizer. They will start out looking dry and white. As you repeat the process of adding liquid slowly to the top, they will start to look shiny, wet, and saturated. If you add too much e-liquid at once without letting it soak in first, it is normal for some to run out the bottom of the atomizer. It’s a good idea to have paper towel or a cloth on hand just in case. Once the side wicking holes are entirely wet, the priming process has been completed. You are free to put your new atomizer into the tank and start vaping!

If you have a mod with adjustable wattage, make sure you double check the settings you should be running at. Thankfully most atomizers have this information written directly on the coil itself, or on the side or bottom of the pod. An example of this is “50W - 90W” “Best 60W - 80W” - meaning it can be used anywhere between 50 watts and 90 watts, but works best and most reliably at 60 watts to 80 watts. All atomizers are different, so make sure you find out what your atomizer works best at.

The reason we prime our atomizers like this is so that we can see the entire wick is soaked evenly from the inside, out. If you do the reverse, from the wicking holes in, it’s easy to miss a spot and not have it fully primed - meaning it will likely burn out. If you’re ever unsure if the new atomizer has been primed enough, it’s always better to over prime than under prime!

An alternative way of priming your atomizer, which has become more common with the popularity of smaller pod systems, is to fill up your pod as normal, and let it sit and soak. You want to let it soak for 5-10 minutes (or longer, to be on the safe side) before use. Larger atomizers / pods with more wick will have to soak longer to become fully saturated. The main disadvantage to this method is there is no visual confirmation that the coil has been fully soaked with e-liquid.

The priming process is an important one, and one that many people struggle with when they are new to vaping, or have a new device they aren't familiar with.

If you need a hand with learning how to prime your atomizer, please feel free to contact us, or stop by the store and we can show you how!



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